Picture Books to Treasure!

Picture Books to Treasure!

January 21st at 1PM ET

This Tender Virtual Event is Full of Sweet Stories!

What do you do when you can't be with your favorite people? Or when you need a little guidance as to what your dreams are telling you? Or when the best way to reach your new friend is taken down? These picture books may be just what you're looking for!

Join us in cyberspace for:

  • People Are My Favorite Places by ANI CASTILLOWhen a young girl isn’t able to leave her home, she reflects on what she misses. Is it going to the beach or visiting a city? Seeing a movie or going out to dinner? No! It’s not the places she misses, it’s the landscape inside the people she loves. In this heartfelt and joyful ode to caring, community and connection, a young girl learns what matters most.

  • Keep Dreaming, Black Child by NYASHA WILLIAMS. This moving picture book is a powerful invitation to BIPOC children to fully explore their dreams for the future, and provides affirmations that offer precise ideas for ways our dreams can effect change. Dreams provide purpose and meaning — they are ideas born of love. They take time to sprout and can sometimes be clouded by the doubts of others, BUT with patience and discipline, we can rely on our visions for a better world by following our dreams.

  • Between Two Windows by KEISHA MORRISBetween two windows, a clothesline creaks and squeaks. Kayla and Mateo pass drawings of dinosaurs back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... until a story comes to life. And along this clothesline, the worlds of two friends come together. But when the clothesline is taken down, will they find a new way to keep their story going?

Sunday, January 21st at 1PM ET via Crowdcast!

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