Picture Books to Delight!

Picture Books to Delight!

May 6th at 1PM EST

Come Along for These Delightful Tales! 

Whether it's a very bad day or a terrific one, these tales are full of heart, fun, and food... titles sure to put you in a good mood! 

Tune in to discover: 

  • The Mermaid Princesses by MAYA CAMERON-GORDON. A magical story starring three Black mermaid sisters who each wish to wear the underwater crown! This fun adventure, inspired by African mermaid myth, magic, and spirituality, reminds young readers about the importance of teamwork and the different strengths we can all bring to the table.

  • A Dupatta Is... by MARZIEH ABBASA lyrical and charming picture book celebrating the dupatta, a traditional shawl worn in South Asian cultures.

    A dupatta is so much more than a beautiful piece of fabric!

  • Ode to a Bad Day by CHELSEA LIN WALLACE. A hilariously dramatic series of odes to the little bumps in our days, perfect for any kid dealing with a not-so-good day. Sometimes the small disappointments and inconveniences in kids' days can feel much bigger than they are. And when they start multiplying... oh, what a bad day it can become! 

  • Spicy Spicy Hot! by LENNY WEN. A heartwarming and humorous story about one girl determined to embrace the spice of sambal in order to connect with her grandmother and heritage.

Saturday, May 6th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast! 

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