Picture Book Fun!

Picture Book Fun!

July 22nd at 1PM EST

Great Titles to Share!

These sweet titles are sure to have you and your young readers giggling! From a sibling sharing their excitement for the soon-arriving new baby, to a green traffic light that is learning to shine in her own way! 

Tune in for:

  • We Are Expecting You! by BARNEY SALTZBERGThis sweet, lyrical read-aloud shares all the love young siblings feel as they count down the days to their new baby’s arrival! Following an adorable young elephant sibling who shares the boundless love and excitement for this soon-to-be new family member, this is a touching tribute to the most special relationship siblings have.

  • Greenlight by BREANNA CARZOO. Meet Greenlight. Greenlight has an important job to do, but every time it’s her turn to shine... everyone drives away! The cars stop for Redlight and slow for Yellowlight, so why do they leave Greenlight all alone? When Greenlight decides to stop shining altogether, will she be able to find the power and connection of her own light?

Saturday, July 22nd at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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