Middle Grade Historical Fiction!

Middle Grade Historical Fiction!

Saturday, July 16th, 3:00PM EST

Discover Adventures from Our Past!

Historic tales — whether set in the recent past or long ago — make for riveting, unforgettable stories that help bring the past to life.

Rollick with gargoyles, fight Nazis, and discover precious manuscripts with hidden secrets in these exhilarating titles by four great middle grade writers of historic fiction: Newbery Medalist AVIL.M. ELLIOTTLINDSAY EAGER, and Newbery Honor author LAUREN WOLK.

Young readers will travel from the streets of Medieval France to the birth of the Renaissance in Italy, then take on the turbulent waters of World War II on land and sea. Adventures abound!

  • Patron Thief of Bread by LINDSAY EAGER. Duck is fished from the river as an infant and raised by a roving band of street urchins. But when the opportunity comes to change her life in the employ of a kindly baker, will she stay loyal to her old friends? And what does the local gargoyle have to say about it? 
  • Louisa June and the Nazis in the Waves by L.M. ELLIOTT. Determined to join the battle for America in WWII — and unable to do so — Louisa June turns to her quirky family members for support. Yet when it comes time for Louisa June to sail away from family and friends, will she have what it takes to face Nazis on the high seas and make a victorious return?
  • City of Magic : (Midnight Magic #3) by AVI. King Claudio sends Mangus and his faithful servant, Fabrizio, to steal a manuscript that explains a "magical method of making money!" But when the tides turn and Mangus' life is threatened, can Fabrizo overcome the dangers of Venice in time?

  • NEW: My Own Lightning by LAUREN WOLK. In Wolk's portrait of a small town during WWII, Annabelle learns that growing up and blazing her own trail is a lot more complicated than she expected. Tragic events set in motion by the town bully have a disquieting aftermath, as author LAUREN WOLK returns to the world of Wolf Hollow in this highly anticipated companion story!
Saturday, July 16th at 3:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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