NYC Launch | The Kids in Mrs. Z's Class by KATE MESSNER & RAJANI LaROCCA

NYC Launch | The Kids in Mrs. Z's Class by KATE MESSNER & RAJANI LaROCCA

June 1st at 4PM ET
17th Street Location

Class Is In Session!

Join us for the exciting launch of this fun new middle grade series, The Kids in Mrs. Z's Class, featuring the first two books in the series! This series is lead by KATE MESSNER, and the second installation comes from RAJANI LaROCCA! This great event features both of these talented authors, along with other future authors in the series such as: KARINA YAN GLASER, ELIOT SCHREFER, OLUGBEMISOLA RHUDAY PERKOVICH, and TRACEY BAPTISTE!

Join us in store to discover:

  • Emma McKenna, Full Out by KATE MESSNEREmma can’t wait for third grade at the brand-new Curiosity Academy. She’ll have a cool teacher, interesting classmates from all over Peppermint Falls, and, best of all, a fresh start after last year’s talent-show disaster. It’s going to be the best year ever! Then Lucy, Emma’s best-friend-turned-enemy walks in. Emma’s fresh start is doomed... unless she can make friends before Lucy ruins everything. So Emma sets out to be pals with everyone, and as her classmates argue over the choice of a new school mascot, Emma stays quiet and doesn’t pick sides. But maybe speaking up could be the thing that helps her really connect with her class — and saves her at last from third-grade doom.

  • Rohan Murthy Has a Plan by RAJANI LaROCCA. When Mrs. Z announces that Curiosity Academy needs to raise money for a school garden, Rohan sees the chance to launch his dreams of starting a business right away! He'll start a pet care company to help the people of Peppermint Falls look after their creatures... anything but cats. His parents point out just one small problem: Rohan has never taken care of an animal before. They think he doesn't even like touching animals. To prove his parents wrong, Rohan volunteers to spend a weekend watching over Honey, the class guinea pig. But Honey appears surprisingly anxious, which makes Rohan nervous as well. When his big dreams meet his secret fears, what will Rohan do? 

Saturday, June 1st at 4PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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