March Picture Book Bonanza

March Picture Book Bonanza

March 16th at 1PM ET
17th Street Location

 Inspiring Picture Books You Can't Put Down!

Step into our Manhattan location to learn about some iconic people and things and their marvelous contributions and impacts! From the founding father of Italian children's literature to the creator of the high five, from surprising new friends to an iconic piece of cloth or a loving family member, these gamechangers are sure to warm your heart!

Come discover:

  • Glenn Burke, Game Changer: The Man Who Invented the High Five by PHIL BILDNER & illustrated by DANIEL J. O'BRIENAs a rookie baseball player on the Los Angeles Dodgers, Glenn Burke could do it all. As a teammate, he was the heart of the clubhouse. In fact, his habit of congratulating his teammates led Burke to invent the high five! But despite all this, as a Black gay man, he faced prejudice and obstacles almost everywhere he went. Glenn Burke, Game Changer recognizes this hardship while celebrating how Glenn’s bravery and his now-famous handshake paved the way for others to live openly, truly, and freely.

  • The Book of Whys illustrated by JOOHEE YOONGianni Rodari was widely regarded as the father of modern Italian children's literature, and for a number of years, children across Italy sent their questions to his weekly newspaper column — questions Rodari answered, most inventively, with rhymes and little poems, because he wanted to provoke children into thinking about questions, norms, and language itself. 

  • A Friend for Eddy by ANN KIM HA. Eddy is a lonely goldfish stuck inside his fishbowl, longing for someone to play with. Then one day, he spies not one, but two new friends! After days of playing games together, Eddy leaps out of his bowl to be closer to them. And that’s when he realizes his two friends are really the eyes of A CAT! Luckily for Eddy, friendship can be found in unexpected places.

  • The Great Henna Party by HUMERA MALIK. Noor's family is holding a henna party to celebrate her cousin's wedding tomorrow. Noor is especially excited to play the henna name game, where the henna artist hides the name of the person you love most in the pattern she paints on your hands. But whose name will Noor choose? What should she do if she loves everyone in her family? 

  • The Gabi That Girma Wore by SARA HOLLY ACKERMAN. This vibrant and lushly illustrated tale pays tribute to the Gabi — a traditional Ethiopian cloth that is used to celebrate both community and culture. From the tiny seed to the fluffy white cotton, from the steady hands of the farmer to the swift fingers of the weaver, from the busy shopkeeper, to a gift for a loved one, follow the journey of the Gabi that Girma wore in this lively and rhythmic tale that’s perfect to read aloud.

Saturday, March 16th at 1PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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