Manhattan YA Romance Double Event

Manhattan YA Romance Double Event

November 16th at 6PM ET
17th Street Location

Join Us for This Glamorous Double Book Event!

Return to Loveboat with Ever’s younger sister, Pearl, in Loveboat, Forever, an entirely new, romantic, whirlwind adventure from ABIGAIL HING WENNew York Times bestselling author of Loveboat, Taipei, and then dive deeper into a queer retelling of Jane Austen's Emma with Emmett, the charming new novel from L. C. ROSEN!

  • Loveboat, Forever by ABIGAIL HING WEN. Seventeen-year-old music prodigy Pearl Wong had the summer of her dreams planned — until a fall from grace leaves her in need of new plans… and a new image. Where better to revamp her “brand” than at Chien Tan, the Taipei summer program for elite students that rocketed her older sister, Ever, on a path to romance and self-fulfillment years ago? But as the alumni know, Chien Tan is actually Loveboat — the extravagant world where prodigies party till dawn — and there’s more awaiting Pearl there than she could have ever imagined, like a scandalous party in the dark, a romantic entanglement with a mysterious suitor... and a summer that will change her forever.

  • Emmett by L.C. ROSEN. Emmett knows he’s blessed. And because of that, he tries to give back: his latest hobby is matchmaking. So when his occasional friend-with-benefits Harrison starts saying he wants a boyfriend (something Emmett definitely does NOT want to be), he decides to try and find Harrison the perfect man at Highbury Academy. Emmett’s friend Miles thinks finding a boyfriend for a guy you sleep with is a bad idea. But Miles is straight, and Emmett says this is gay life – a very small pool to work with, which is why Emmett doesn’t date – to keep things clean. But the lines Emmett tries to draw are more porous than he thinks, and as he tries to find Harrison the perfect match, he learns that gifted as he may be, maybe he has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to love. 

Thursday, November 16th at 6PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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