Lunar New Year Around the World!

Lunar New Year Around the World!

January 27th at 1PM ET

A Lovely Way to Ring in the Lunar New Year!

This sweet virtual event is the perfect way to celebrate Lunar New Year! With a variety of foods and traditions like dumplings or tteokguk at Seollal, there's something for everyone! 

Tune in to discover:
  • Wish Soup: A Celebration of Seollal by JUNGHWA PARKSohee’s favorite part of Seollal is tteokguk — the special Korean rice cake soup traditionally only enjoyed on New Year’s Day. Each bowl is said to make the person who eats it one year older. This year, Sohee wants to eat as many bowls as she can to finally be an eonni, or “big girl,” to her younger siblings and cousins. But before Sohee can even get to her first bowl, her mischievous younger sister Somi eats not only Sohee’s tteokguk, but their whole family’s! Despite this outrageously silly setback, Sohee eventually learns that being a big girl is more than just how many bowls of tteokguk you eat. 

  • Laolao's Dumplings by DANE LIU. Millie loves cooking with her Lao Lao, and together they walk through Chinatown collecting fresh ingredients to make a steaming hot batch of dumplings. However, when winter rolls around and Lao Lao falls ill, it's up to Millie to remember Lao Lao's recipe and return to Chinatown to get all the right ingredients. With two teaspoons of patience, a pinch of luck, and a whole lot of love, Millie and her parents make a batch of dumplings that Lao Lao will never forget.

  • Chloe's Lunar New Year by LILY LAMOTTE. It's almost Lunar New Year, and Chloe can’t wait to celebrate! But first, Chloe and her family must prepare for the new year. They buy new shoes, lay out good-luck oranges in a bowl, decorate the red envelope, and make a crispy turnip cake. Everyone comes together to cook a fantastic feast, saving a plate for A-má, of course. Chloe enjoys the festive celebration and yummy food, but most of all, she loves spending time with her family.

  • LunarTale: A New Year's Adventure by STELLA HONG. In this sweet board book, follow a brother and sister on their way to Grandma’s house to celebrate Lunar New Year! Protected and guided by the 12 magical animals of the zodiac, they’ll travel through the city into a vast tea garden, a serene bamboo grove, and across an ancient stone bridge to gather special treats for their big, celebratory family dinner!

Saturday, January 27th at 1PM ET via Crowdcast!

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