Launch | The Evolving Truth of Ever-Stronger Will by Maya MacGregor

Launch | The Evolving Truth of Ever-Stronger Will by Maya MacGregor

November 1st at 6PM EST

Join Us for This Thrilling Virtual Launch! 

Books of Wonder is so excited to host the virtual launch for The Evolving Truth of Ever-Stronger Will by MAYA MacGREGOR! In this touching new YA novel, Will, an agender teen, struggles with the haunting aftermath of parental abuse as they forge a new life and love.

In The Evolving Truth of Ever-Stronger Will, Will is a 17-year-old on the cusp of freedom: freedom from providing and caring for their abusive, addicted mother, freedom from their small town with an even smaller mindset, and the freedom from having to hide who they truly are. When their drug dealer mother dies months before their 18th birthday, Will is granted their freedom earlier than expected. But their mother’s last words haunt Will: She cursed them with her dying breath, claiming her death was their fault. Soon their mother’s drug-dealing past threatens Will’s new shiny future, leaving Will scrambling to find their beloved former foster mother Raz before Child Protective Services or local drug dealers find them first. But how do you reconnect with family and embark on a new love when you’re convinced you destroy everything you touch?

Wednesday, November 1st at 6PM EST via Crowdcast!

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