Launch | My Fair Brady by Brian D. Kennedy

Launch | My Fair Brady by Brian D. Kennedy

January 22nd at 6PM ET
17th Street Location

Get a Taste of this Modern Twist on a Classic Love Story!

My Fair Brady is a modern day (and proudly gay) rom-com reimagining of My Fair Lady! In this charming and swoony new rom-com, two teen boys fall in love after one asks the other to help him become more popular, from A Little Bit Country author BRIAN D. KENNEDY! Brian will be in conversation with JACOB DEMLOW, author of A Very Queer Book Club.

In My Fair Brady, Wade Westmore is used to being in the spotlight. So when he’s passed over for the lead in the spring musical, it comes as a major blow — especially when the role goes to his ex-boyfriend, Reese, who dumped him for being too self-involved.

Shy sophomore Elijah Brady is used to being overlooked. Forget not knowing his name — most of his classmates don’t even know he exists. So when he joins the stage crew for the musical, he seems destined to blend into the scenery.

When the two have a disastrous backstage run-in, Elijah proposes an arrangement that could solve both boys’ problems: If Wade teaches Elijah how to be popular, Wade can prove that he cares about more than just himself. Seeing a chance to win Reese back, Wade dives headfirst into helping Elijah become the new and improved “Brady.”

Soon their plan puts Brady center stage — and he’s a surprising smash hit. So why is Wade suddenly less worried about winning over his ex and more worried about losing Elijah? 

Monday, January 22nd at 6PM ET  at Our 17th St Store!

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