Launch | Infinity Kings by Adam Silvera

Launch | Infinity Kings by Adam Silvera

March, 12th at 6PM ET
17th Street Location

Two Brothers. One Epic Battle.

Join us for the YA launch of Infinity Kings by ADAM SILVERA, the final chapter in the explosive Infinity Cycle series! After years of trying to help each other, two brothers find themselves in a heartbreaking war against one another, and must face off in order to get what they truly want. Adam will be in conversation with ALEX ASTER, author of Nightbane.

In Infinity Kings, after the ultimate betrayal, Emil must rise up as a leader to stop his brother, Brighton, before he becomes too powerful. Even if that means pushing away Ness and Wyatt as they compete for his heart so he can focus on the war. Brighton has a legion of followers at his command, but when he learns about an ancient scythe that can kill the unkillable, that’s all he will need to become unstoppable against Emil and other rising threats. 

As the Infinity Son and the Infinity Reaper go to war, who will be crowned the Infinity King?

In this dramatic conclusion to the Infinity Cycle, brother must confront brother in an epic showdown that threatens to destroy them both and everyone they love.

Tuesday, March, 12th at 6PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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