Launch | Finding Famous by Candice Jalili

Launch | Finding Famous by Candice Jalili

July 30th at 6PM ET
17th Street Location

Lights, Camera, Surprise!

Join us for the YA launch of Finding Famous: A Mashad Family Novel, the fabulous new book by CANDICE JALILI! Candice will be in conversation with Journalist and Editor Alexia LaFata.

In Finding Famous, ever since her mom died, Josie has been content with her safe, predictable life. She hangs out with exactly two people: her best (and only) friend, Louise, and her stepdad, Matt. She’s ready to spend senior year preparing for Stanford and actively avoiding anything that reminds her of her mother. That is, until she discovers that her birth dad is the recently deceased Ali Mashad — patriarch of America’s original reality TV family, dripping with wealth, fame, and Vogue magazine covers — Josie’s “predictable” life is gone quicker than you can say “you’re doing amazing, sweetie.” Being a Mashad means that the entire world is now at Josie’s feet, and with this chance of a lifetime, will she be brave enough to take it? 

Tuesday, July 30th at 6PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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