Double Launch Event | The Girl From Earth's End by Tara Dairman and Wild Bird by Diane Zahler

Double Launch Event | The Girl From Earth's End by Tara Dairman and Wild Bird by Diane Zahler

March 31st at 6PM EST
17th Street Location

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Books of Wonder is so excited to host the double launch of The Girl From Earth's End by Tara Dairman and Wild Bird by Diane Zahler!

  • The Girl From Earth's End by Tara Dairman. Twelve-year-old Henna loves living with her two papas and cultivating her beloved plants on the tiny island of Earth’s End — until Papa Niall grows seriously ill. Now Henna is determined to find a legendary, long-extinct plant with miraculous healing powers, even though the search means journeying far, far from home. This tender tale, blossoming with moments of joy, is a story of hope, grief, and learning to flourish with a little help from those around you.

  • Wild Bird by Diane Zahler. Rype was hiding in the hollow of a tree trunk when they found her. She was hungry, small, cold, alone. She did not speak their language, or understand their mannerisms. But she knew this: To survive, she would have to go with them. In fourteenth-century Norway, the plague has destroyed the entire village of Skeviga. To stay alive, Rype, the only one left, must embark on a sweeping adventure across Europe with the son of an English ship captain and a band of troubadours in search of a brighter future and a new home.

Friday, March 31st at 6PM EST at Our 17th St Location! 

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