Double Launch Event | Painted Devils by Margaret Owen and The Last Canto of the Dead by Daniel José Older

Double Launch Event | Painted Devils by Margaret Owen and The Last Canto of the Dead by Daniel José Older

May 17th at 6PM EST
17th Street Location

Come Along on This Journey of Supernatural Deceit and Adventure!

Join us for the thrilling double launch of Painted Devils, the newest title from Margaret Owen, and The Last Canto of the Dead, the latest title by Daniel José Older!

  • Painted Devils by Margaret Owen. When “reformed” jewel thief Vanja accidentally starts a cult around a Low God, the Scarlet Maiden, and her nemesis-turned-suitor Emeric and a supervising prefect arrive to investigate the claim of godhood, she realizes how in over her head she must be. When the Scarlet Maiden does reveal herself, and claims Emeric as her virgin sacrifice, Vanja decides to seek an alternative: bring the Scarlet Maiden a drop of blood from each of seven brothers for the midsummer feast. Can she complete the journey and create a future for herself where she no longer has to run? The riveting sequel to Margaret Owen’s YA fantasy Little Thieves!

  • The Last Canto of the Dead by Daniel José Older. Two gods-turned-teenagers wage simultaneous battles in the Caribbean and Brooklyn in this breathless sequel to BALLAD & DAGGER, the thrilling conclusion to the epic saga! Mateo and Chela are not just two teenagers in love —  they're powerful gods in human form. Powerful enough to have saved their Brooklyn diaspora community from the wrath of an ancient enemy and to have raised their once-sunken native island of San Madrigal from the sea. But soon they discover that their problems are far from over. Worst of all, a heartbreaking prophecy rips these two young lovers apart, sending Mateo back to the city, where cops are now patrolling the streets, and keeping Chela tethered to the island, where chaos and death lurk around every corner. As gods, their powers know no limits. But as teenagers separated, desperate, grieving — what will become of them? And what will become of their people?

Wednesday, May 17th at 6PM EST at Our 17th St Location

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