LAUNCH EVENT for Queer Duck (And Other Animals) by ELIOT SCHREFER

LAUNCH EVENT for Queer Duck (And Other Animals) by ELIOT SCHREFER

June 2nd, 6:00PM EST
17th Street Location

Explore a different side of the natural world!

From New York Times bestselling author ELIOT SCHREFER comes an astonishing and fascinating look at the queer world of animals — from albatrosses to bonobos to clownfish to doodlebugs.

We're taught male-female pairings are the natural order of world because reproduction always comes first-and-foremost. Thanks, Darwin! But in recent years, study-after-study has shown that it might not be quite that simple.

In Queer Ducks, we explore the world of same-sex courtship all across the animal kingdom. We'll learn that queer behavior is diverse, complex, and, yes, natural.

And, as an extra special treat, joining ELIOT SCHREFER will be PETER PARNELL and JUSTIN RICHARDSON, the authors of the groundbreaking picture book, And Tango Makes Three — the story of two male penguins who adopted and raised a baby penguin together.

Thursday, June 2nd at 6:00pm at our 17th St. store in Manhattan and online via Crowdcast

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*One book may be brought from home to be signed for every book purchased at the event.






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