Launch Event for Lightbringer with Claire Legrand

Launch Event for Lightbringer with Claire Legrand
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
6pm EST

Books of Wonder is delighted to host the launch event for Lightbringer, the third and final book in The Empirium Trilogy by CLAIRE LEGRAND in conversation with SARA RAASCH for Set Fire to the Gods on CrowdCast.

Join CLAIRE LEGRAND and SARA RAASCH as they share the launch of the newest book for teens and answer questions from the audience during the live feed!  Ages 13 & Up, Tuesday, October 13th, 6pm EST via CrowdCast.


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We expect all participants to maintain an atmosphere of respect and fairness. Per the publisher’s guidelines, anyone who violates this standard of behavior including engaging in any form of harassment, may, at the discretion of the organizers, be immediately removed.