Launch Event for If You Change Your Mind by ROBBY WEBER

Launch Event for If You Change Your Mind by ROBBY WEBER

May 3rd, 6:00pm EST

Cute Boys, Classic Rom-Com Romance, and the Summer of a Lifetime!

As the weather warms up and the day get even longer, it's the perfect time to find your next beach/park bench/picnic blanket/overheated subway train read! And what could be better than a swoon-worthy summer romance full of Hollywood sparkle?

In ROBBY WEBER's latest YA hit, If You Change Your Mind, aspiring screenwriter Harry is determined to spend his summer ignoring distractions (read: boys), and finishing up a script for a big competition that he just knows will get him into the college of his dreams. 

Except then he meets the beyond adorable Logan, who's visiting Harry's small Florida beach town for the summer. And then Grant, Harry's ex, comes back to town and he's just as charming as ever. And suddenly a simple summer full of writing seems like it might not be possible after all...

If You Change Your Mind draws on the perfect mix of classic rom-com vibes and modern-day romance to create an absolutely unforgettable and adorable summer read. 

Don't miss this fantastic launch event with author ROBBY WEBER, who'll be in conversation with PHIL STAMPER, author of another fabulous summer read: Golden Boys!

Tuesday, May 3rd at 6:00pm EST via Crowdcast and in-store at 17th Street! RSVP to attend in person via Eventbrite.

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