Launch Event | Elle Campbell Wins Their Weekend by Ben Kahn

Launch Event | Elle Campbell Wins Their Weekend by Ben Kahn

October 17th at 6PM EST
17th Street Location

Join Books of Wonder for the Release of Elle Campbell Wins Their Weekend, the New Zany, Fun-Filled Middle Grade Title from BEN KAHN!

In the hilarious and heartfelt new Elle Campbell Wins Their Weekend by BEN KAHN, get ready to meet Elle, a non-binary kid trying to figure out who they are at home and school, and trying everything to meet the non-binary icon that changed their life. BEN KAHN will be in conversation with ZACK LORAN CLARK, author of The Lock-Eater.

In Elle Campbell Wins Their Weekend, the thing Elle Campbell wants most is to meet their hero, non-binary icon Nuri Grena, so when Elle learns that Nuri is coming to town for book signing on Saturday, Elle is thrilled. It's the perfect chance to meet their hero! Elle's never been happier since they came out as non-binary, but they have a lot of questions questions only Nuri can answer. But when Elle lands in Saturday detention, they're about to give up their dream, until their two best friends come up with a plan to bust them out of school. A plan so outrageous, it just might work.

Yet that's just step one. The kids also have to make their way across town with no money, no phones... and no driver's licenses. But they refuse to give up even if that means "borrowing" scooters from elementary school loan sharks, or winning a laser tag tournament with a cash prize.

Tuesday, October 17th at 6PM EST at Our 17th St Store!

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