Launch | A Little Bit Super

Launch | A Little Bit Super

May 1st at 6PM ET

Superpowered Stories!

A Little Bit Super: With Small Powers Come Big Problems is the latest superpowered collection of stories that you won't want to miss! Edited by GARY SCHMIDT & LEAH HENDERSON, this middle grade anthology is packed to the brim with clever and funny tales of young characters coping with a minor superpower — while also discovering their power as an individual! Follow along as they change themselves (one story features a part-time shapeshifter!), impact their communities, find their voice, and celebrate what makes them unique! This event will also feature contributors PABLO CARTAYA, JARRETT KROSOCZKA, KYLE LUKOFF, MITALI PERKINSBRIAN YOUNG, NIKKI GRIMES, REMY LAI, MEG MEDINA, PAM MUÑOZ RYAN, LINDA SUE PARK, and IBI ZOBOI!

The kids in the humorous short stories of A Little Bit Super each have a minor superpower they’re learning to live with. One can shape-shift — but only part of her body, and only on Mondays. Another can always tell whether an avocado is perfectly ripe. One can even hear the thoughts of the animals in the pet store! But what these stories are really about is their young protagonists “owning” a power that contributes to their individuality, that allows them to find their place in the world, that shows them a potential they might not have imagined. Because if you really think about it, we all have something special and unique about ourselves that makes us a little bit super! 

Wednesday, May 1st at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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