Great Picture Books — No Fooling!

Great Picture Books — No Fooling!

April 1 at 1PM EST

Jump Into These Joyous Titles!

It may be April Fool's Day, but we're not pulling any pranks — these sweet titles are perfect any day of the year! Read on to get to know these five new tales!
  • The Bears Shared by KIM NORMAN. A rollicking picture book that celebrates finding warmth and shelter during a springtime storm. This is the lair the bears shared. This is the hair that came from the lair the bears shared. This is the bird that borrowed the hair from the lair, to built a nest for its family, in a tall-tall tree in the big wide forest, with branches that thrashed in thunder that crashed . . . and the animals that find home, and each other, among it all!

  • Lovely Day illustrated by OLIVIA DUCHESS. Bill Withers' song "Lovely Day" is famous for bringing listeners joy. This gorgeous picture book adapted from the song's timeless lyrics follows the story of a brother and sister who always find a way to make each other smile, no matter the challenges the day may bring. These siblings can always count on each other to find the joy in any situation. Because when you're with the ones you love, every day is a lovely day!

  • Beneath by CORI DOERRFELDFinn is in a horrible mood and doesn't want to talk about it. After some persuading, though, they agree to go for a hike with Grandpa. Throughout their forest walk, they see many different beautiful things, and when the pair pass fellow hikers Finn realizes that people, just like the elements of nature, are more than they appear. 

  • All's Right With the World by CHRISTOPHER SILAS NEAL. The bestselling author of the BabyLit board books and the acclaimed illustrator of Over and Under the Snow reunite on this child-friendly reimagining of “Pippa’s Song” by poet Robert Browning. Lyrical text and breathtaking illustrations evoke the comforting moments and familiar rhythms of a child’s life, reassuring them and helping them to look for what is right with the world.
  • In the Palm of my Hand by JENNIFER RAUDENBUSHOn an ambling walk, a child discovers they hold the promise of larger worlds — forests and meadows — in the palm of their hand. An acorn becomes a tree within a woodland wonderland. A grain of sand becomes a sandcastle in a kingdom of imagination. By exploring nature’s tiniest details, they learn even small things, including them, contain infinite potential.

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