Great Middle Grade Reads

Great Middle Grade Reads

September 10th at 4PM EST

These Titles are Sure to Enchant and Astound You! 

From spooky ghost stories of the one and not yet dead, to tales of friendship and growth, to tests of perseverance and resiliency, this virtual event has it all! 

Tune in for:

  • The Hurricane Girls by KIMBERLY WILLIS HOLT. Seventh Graders Greer, Joya Mia, and Kiki are the best of friends. After an accident leaves Greer's little sister paralyzed, Greer is forever changed and blames herself. To help Greer feel like her old self, Joya Mia and Kiki makes plans to participate in a triathlon. Greer will be their runner, something she used to love to do. Through it all, the girls learn how to surmount personal tragedy through friendship and forgiveness.

  • Nightmare King by DAKA HERMON. When Shane has an accident and dies, but then comes back to life, things get weird. Now, every time Shane falls asleep, he’s pulled into a dark world where the evil Nightmare King is collecting children and keeping them as treasure. Despite the threat, Shane can’t stay awake forever. Shane will have to take matters into his own hands... if he gives himself over to his nightmares, can he hold on to the good in himself long enough to bring down the King? 

  • When Clouds Touch Us by THANHHÁ LAITwo years ago, Hà and her family arrived in Alabama as refugees from the Vietnam War. They’ve worked hard to make a life for themselves in the US, but it hasn’t come easy. Hà has only just started to feel settled when Mother decides that the family will move to Texas for a new job. Hà knows how hard it is to start over and doesn’t want to have to do it again. But sometimes even an unwanted change can bring a good opportunity.

  • The Cursed Moon by ANGELA CERVANTESRafael Fuentes isn’t easily scared. He's experienced enough real-life scary situations that fictional hauntings are no big deal. However, Rafa’s incarcerated mom is being released from jail soon, and for the first time in a while, Rafa feels a pit of fear growing in his stomach. To take his mind off his mom’s return, Rafa crafts the scariest ghost story he’s ever told, about The Caretaker. Rafa is really proud of his latest creation, until strange things start to happen around him. With a sinking feeling, Rafa realizes the Caretaker is real. Rafa has brought the ghost to life — and only he can stop him.

Sunday, September 10th at 4PM EST via Crowdcast!

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