Great Middle Grade Reads

Great Middle Grade Reads

February 25th at 4PM ET

 New Middle Grade Titles to Knock Your Socks Off! 

These characters are full of heart and spirit, and are determined to overcome their challenges! You won't want to miss their inspiring stories, so be sure to tune in to hear all about them!

Join us virtually to discover:

  • Shark Teeth by SHERRI WINSTON. Sharkita “Kita” Hayes is always waiting. Waiting for her mama to mess up, for social services to be called again, and for her worst fear to come true. But Mama promises things are different now. Even though her mom has a good job now, Kita still can't shake the feeling that everything could go up in flames at any moment. She'll do anything to keep her family together, but what if Kita’s worst fear is actually the best thing that could happen to her family?

  • Finding Normal by STEPHANIE FARIS. After her house is badly damaged in a flood, Temple and her family have to move into temporary housing until they can repair their home. Temple must now enroll at a new school halfway through the school year, which is hard enough without having to figure out how they're going to afford to rebuild, too. Then Temple has the idea to hold a fundraiser to help, quickly realizing it needs to be much bigger to help not only her family, but the dozens of others affected by the flood. Will she be able to handle the added pressure as she searches for her new normal?

Sunday, February 25th at 4PM ET via Crowdcast!

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