Great Middle Grade Reads!

Great Middle Grade Reads!

Saturday, September 10th at 3:00PM EST

Unforgettable Middle Grade Heroes!

Discover three middle grade reads from talented authors, featuring entertaining heroes that tackle the tough stuff headfirst!

From award-winning author A.S. KING we have Attack of the Black Rectanglesa story of censorship that "A.S. King was born to write." A boy named Mac wonders why his sixth-grade teacher assigns Jane Yolen's The Devil's Arithmetic with whole sentences blacked out. The answer unsettles Mac — and leads to the story of page-turning protest!

Next up we have the highly-anticipated sequel to Isaiah Dunn Is My Hero with KELLY J. BAPTIST's latest wonderful release, Isaiah Dunn Saves the Day! Juggling hustles on top of middle school isn't easy — especially when Kobe, the kid Isaiah's mentoring, won't stop making trouble! What will it take to get Kobe to fall in line? A secret, perhaps... 

New York Times bestselling author WESLEY KING will take us on a spin with Butt Sandwich & Tree, a tender story of brotherhood and basketball featuring one young boy on the autism spectrum, and the older brother he adores. When Green's accused of theft just as he's trying out for the basketball team, his older brother Cedar swoops in to help — launching a mission that navigates their differences in humorous, heartfelt exploits! 

Rounding off this great list, SALLY ENGELFRIED brings readers a heartwarming story of reconciliation in Learning to FallDaphne doesn't want to be stuck in Oakland with her dad. She wants to get on the first plane to Prague, where her mom is shooting a movie. Armed with her grandparents’ phone number and strict instructions from her mom to call them if her dad starts drinking again, Daphne has no problem being cold to him. But there's one thing Daphne can't keep herself from doing: joining her dad and her new friend Arlo at a weekly skate session. 

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