Great Middle Grade Reads

Great Middle  Grade Reads

August 5th at 4PM ET

Family, Friendship, and First Loves!

These new middle grade novels are full of heart and self-discovery! Be sure to join us for this virtual event where we'll meet Stevie, who does her best to keep her family together against all odds, Fish, a farmer boy turned pirate, Maudie, who discovers freedom through her surfboard, and Chloe, a spunky bubble-tea entrepreneur who's... falling in love?

Don't miss:

  • Clouds Over California by KARYN PARSONS. A new middle school, an older cousin who's just moved in, fighting parents everything about Stevie's life is suddenly changing. And Stevie can feel herself changing too. With her new found courage, maybe Stevie can finally stand up for herself and fight for what she wants most: to keep her family together.
  • Bubble Trouble by WENDY WAN-LONG SHANG. Chloe is obsessed with bubble tea, especially the ones at Tea Palace. But when Chloe finds herself banned from Tea Palace, what can she do? Start her own business of course! Chloe just never expected running a business to be so messy... or that her feelings for a certain someone to be messy, too!
  • The Fire, the Water, and Maudie McGinn by SALLY J. PLA. Neurodivergent Maudie is spending the summer with her dad in California. When a wildfire makes them move to California coast, Maudie discovers the wonders of surfing and finally feels free... well, almost. She has a hidden family secret that might just sink her!
  • Sea of Gold by GREGORY MONE. Fish is just a regular farmer boy until one day one of his deliveries is stolen and he's captured by a ship of scalawags! The mysterious stolen package? It's the key to locating a legendary pirate treasure! Now, Fish must learn the ropes of piracy in order to survive the seas and win the hunt for the hidden gold. 

Saturday, August 5th at 4:00PM EST via Crowdcast

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