Great Middle Grade Non-Fiction

Great Middle Grade Non-Fiction

Saturday, May 20th at 1:00PM EST

Discover a Fascinating, True New Story!

Non-fiction is a fun and exciting way to learn new stranger-than-fiction facts and real, inspirational stories you'll want to share with everyone around you! That's why we've collected these captivating new middle-grade non-fiction books to wow you and your young readers. 

From an Olympic medalist who triumphed over all odds, to a novel in verse telling the story or a real-life hero during the holocaust, to the baffling — and enthralling — history of human waste, to the true account of a compassionate act during wartime, be sure to tune in to discover: 

  • Boundless by CHAUNTE LOWE, tells the the story of how world champion high jumper, Chaunté Lowe, came from an impoverished childhood to become a bronze medal-winning US Olympian. 

  • Harboring Hope by SUSAN HOOD, discover the story of twenty-two year old Henny Sinding who courageously helped smuggle hundreds of Jewish families in occupied Denmark to safety during the Holocaust. 

  • Total Garbage by REBECCA DONNELLY, dive into the messy and marvelous world of trash! Uncover the mysteries behind why humans make so much trash, why we're so bad at handling it, and how do we stop it from ruining the planet?

  • Abandon Ship! by ALISON O'LEARYA remarkable World War II account of a maritime attack off the West African coast. Suspenseful and informative, this incredible true account, which includes historic photographs, is a testament to the idea that compassion can rule over conflict — even at the cruel heights of war. 

Saturday, May 20th at 1:00PM EST via Crowdcast


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