Great Middle Grade Adventure

Great Middle Grade Adventure

October 1st at 4PM EST
17th Street Location

Books to Thrill and Excite You! 

These middle grade titles are bursting with energy and adventure, and are sure to shock and delight you! With magic and motivation, these books should be next on to-read your list! 

Join us to meet:

  • The Secret of the Dragon Gems by RAJANI LaROCCA and CHRIS BARON. When Eleven-year-olds Tripti and and Sam, both miserable at summer camp, follow a shooting star to a quiet creek, they find two silvery rocks glowing in the night. They each take one home, and their long-distance friendship begins. It's soon clear that these are no ordinary rocks. But others are interested in the stones too — including the owner of Camp Dilloway, who hides a secret of his own. Tripti and Sam must crack the Dragon Gems' code and keep them out of Dilloway's clutches, all while navigating the rocky road of middle school friendships and learning to stand up for what is right.

  • The Jockey and Her Horse by SARAH MASLIN NIRCheryl loves horses. She’s been studying thoroughbreds at her family’s horse-racing stables since she was old enough to ride on the shoulders of her father, a famous horse trainer. Cheryl wants to be a jockey. One problem — she is a girl, and there has never been a Black female jockey in history! When Cheryl literally falls onto a horse named Jeto's back and he sprints off across the pasture, Cheryl discovers that she doesn’t just want to be a jockey, she is a jockey — and she and Jeto were born to race.

  • Salsa Magic by LETISHA MARREROThirteen-year-old Maya has vivid recurring dreams where she hears the ocean calling her. But no time for that; the family business is where it’s at. But when her estranged Titi Yaya visits unexpectedly, everything changes. Maya feels close to her, despite her abuela warning her to stay away because Titi Yaya practices santeria. On top of figuring all this out, Maya has a budding soccer career, the local bully to worry about, and is dealing with feelings toward her teammate, yet she still feels the pull towards magic... Which path will Maya choose to fulfill her destiny?

  • Adia Kelbara and the Circle of Shamans by ISI HENDRIX. When twelve-year-old orphan Adia suddenly gets mysterious uncontrollable powers and causes an earthquake in her village, she's offered a kitchen apprenticeship at the faraway Academy of Shamans. She goes, hoping that someone there can figure out what's wrong with her — and fix it. But then Adia stumbles upon a shocking secret: the kingdom's emperor is possessed by a demon more wicked than any other. And he’s on his way to the Academy for a visit. Joining an unlikely team, Adia must travel through hidden realms to exorcise the emperor and save her kingdom. But to succeed, she first must come to understand the powers inside her….

Sunday, October 1st at 4PM EST at Our 17th ST Store!

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