Great Historical Fiction

Great Historical Fiction

April 21st at 4PM ET
17th Street Location

 Astounding Stories From the Past!

These amazing tales may have taken place in the past (fictitiously or non-fictitiously), but you'll certainly want to hear about them today! 

Join us in-store to discover:

  • Trajectory by CAMBRIA GORDON. As World War II rages overseas, Eleanor is consumed with worry for her Jewish relatives in Europe. When a chance encounter proves her to be a one-in-a-generation math whiz, Eleanor is recruited by the US Army and entrusted with the ultimate challenge: to fine-tune a top-secret weapon that will help America defeat its enemies in World War II, securing the world’s freedom. Could this be her chance to help save her family in Poland?

  • Across So Many Seas by RUTH BEHAR. Spanning over 500 years, this epic novel tells the stories of four girls from different generations of a Jewish family, many of them forced to leave their country and start a new life. Though many years and many seas separate these girls, they are united by a love of music and poetry, a desire to belong and to matter, a passion for learning, and their longing for a home where all are welcome. And each is lucky to stand on the shoulders of their courageous ancestors.

  • Operation Happy: A World War II Story of Courage, Resilience, and an Unbreakable Bond by JENNI L. WALSH. After moving to Pearl Harbor, Jody is enchanted with their new home, but her mom isn't so thrilled. While Jody is focusing on her mission to do fun things with her aging dog, Happy, titled "Operation: Happy," Pearl Harbor is attacked, and she gets evacuated to San Francisco with her mom and sister, leaving her dad behind. Will Jody's plan be able to keep the family together amidst so much turmoil?

Sunday, April 21st at 4PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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