Great Graphic Middle Grade Reads

Great Graphic Middle Grade Reads

May 23rd at 6PM ET

Graphic Novels to Get to Know!

These terrific middle grade titles are sure to keep you and your young readers booked and busy! With out-of-this-world characters, mysteries on Mercer Street, and baseball shenanigans, you'll want to tune in!

Tune in to discover:

  • Lunar Boy by JES & CIN WIBOWO. After moving to Earth, Indu, a young trans boy from the moon, is just unhappy. He doesn't fit in at school, and his mom is too busy to talk. After pleading with the moon one night to take him back, it agrees, but in the days leading up to his return, he finds friendship in unlikely places. Is he willing to give up what he’s just found?

  • Meet Me On Mercer Street by BOOKI VIVATKacie spends her time on Mercer Street with her best friend, Nisha, people-watching and doodling their neighborhood. But when she comes back from a summer away, everything is different, and she can't find Nisha. With her sketchbooks and observational skills, Kacie just might get to the bottom of what’s really happening on Mercer Street!

  • Curveball by PABLO CARTAYA. Baseball has been Elena's entire life. Except... she's not having fun anymore. Maybe all that's left is to quit the sport — unless one summer with an empty sandlot and quirky friends can teach her to love to play again! 

Thursday, May 23rd at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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