Great Chapter Book Reads!

Great Chapter Book Reads!

May 14th at 3PM EST

Chapter Books You Can't Get Enough Of!

The whimsical and wonderful chapter books are sure to tickle your young readers' funny bones and inspire their senses of adventure!

You won't want to miss: 

  • Marya Khan and the Fabulous Jasmine Garden by SAADIA FARUQIMarya's school is creating a community garden for students to take care of, and Marya is super excited. Marya REALLY wants to be the class leader... but so does Alexa, her worst enemy. Cue "Operation Be a Leader!" Marya plans to work hard to prove she can be in charge, but nothing she does seems to make a difference. Can Marya bring everyone together and make the most beautiful, fabulous garden the school has ever seen?

  • Only Only Marisol Rainey by ERIN ENTRADA KELLYA dangerous beast is on the loose in Marisol Rainey's neighborhood! At least, Marisol thinks it’s a dangerous beast. She's never actually met the neighbor’s dog officially, but surely a big German shepherd can’t be anything else. That’s why she and her BFF Jada nicknamed him “Daggers.” Is Daggers big and super scary looking? Maybe. Is Marisol afraid? Surely. Will she eventually learn that there’s more to Daggers than meets the eye? Only if she faces her fears.

  • Stella Diaz Leaps to the Future by ANGELA DOMINGUEZStella is getting ready for her next big step. This year, she's a fifth grader, but luckily, Stella can count on having her best friends at her side. But when she has a chance to apply for an art program at a magnet school, Stella realizes that her future might hold a lot of big changes...

  • Zeke the Weather Geek: There's a Lizard in My Blizzard! by JOAN AXELROD-CONTRADA and ANN MALASPINAWith a weather station in his yard and a weather journal in his pocket, it's no wonder Zeke is called Zeke the Weather Geek. But what he really wants is to be a Weather Warrior, which will only happen if he wins the Winter Photo Contest. But so far, none of his photo ideas have panned out. But a blizzard is coming! Zeke's sure to get his winning photo now, right?

Sunday, May 14th at 3PM EST via Crowdcast!

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