Great Chapter Book Reads

Great Chapter Book Reads

April 15th at 3PM EST

Embark On a New Adventure!

These four terrific tales will capture your heart and your imagination! From a girl that must choose between her real life and her magical princess dreams, to a nervous peacock who only wants to do his best, to a horse that gets stuck in the real world and needs to get back to his fairytale life, to a boy that rallies his community around his basketball team of underdogs!

You won't want to miss:

  • Mihi Ever After by TAE KELLER. When Mihi and her friends discover a portal to a fairy tale realm inside the fridge in their school library, she finally gets her shot to be a princess! But princess training turns out to be more than Mihi bargained for, and the fairy tale world is not the wonderful place she imagined. Mihi has to decide where her loyalties lie: With her friends and her future at home, or with her princess dreams?

  • A Snow Day for Plum! by MATT PHELAN. When Plum the Peacock nd friends get to go to the local school to aid in a presentation, they're so excited! Except for Plum, who is as nervous as can be. A snowstorm soon rolls through, trapping the animals at the school overnight! When a friend gets into snowy trouble, can Plum overcome his nerves to help rescue him?

  • Horsetail Hollow: Stupendously Samson by KIKI THORPEEver since Maddie and her sister, Evie, moved with their family from the big city to a farm called Horsetail Hollow, it’s been one magical adventure after another. A mixed-up wish has been bringing horses from fairy tale worlds to their farm — and the sisters are the only ones who can help them save their happily-ever-afters!

  • Simon B. Rhymin' Gets in the Game by DWAYNE REEDWhen Simon joins the basketball team, he’s so excited to be part of a neighborhood tradition. He recruits his best friend C.J. and it's finally looking like the team has a shot at breaking their four-season losing streak — until some of the other players abandon them for a better team. With the help of his friends, a pep rally featuring epic beats, and some Creighton Park pride, can they finally prove they have what it takes not simply to win, but to be a part of something that matters?

Saturday, April 15th at 3PM EST via Crowdcast

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