Graphic Novels for First Readers

Graphic Novels for First Readers

August 6th at 1PM EST

Join Us on These Kooky Adventures!

Graphic novel fans won't want to miss this virtual panel featuring these new titles chockful of adventures and laugh-out-loud charm. In these graphic novels, perfect for readers ages 6 to 9, we'll witness a ragtag team of furry friends stowaway to a mysterious island, see how best friends Crab and Snail take on an unfriendly new addition to their beach, and join Peach and Plum as they take over their school!

Tune in for:

  • Clementine Fox and the Great Island Adventure by LEIGH LUNA. Clementine Fox, Professional Amateur Adventurer, is supposed to be off to the school... but why not go out for an adventure instead? She recruits her fellow friends and ventures off to a mysterious local island what could possible go wrong?
  • Crab and Snail: The Evil Eel illustrated by JARED CHAPMAN. Evil Eel is evil. So evil in fact that just one sting turns friendly, sweet Snail into Snevil. Complete with a black cape, Snevil sets out to destroy everything in her path, including Crab. In order to save himself — and his best friend— Crab must stop Snevil before it's too late!
  • Peach and Plum: Rule at School! by TIM MCCANNA. Fruity friends Peach and Plum are back at it again at Fruitdale Elementary! Don't miss their new misadventures as they explore museums, join new clubs, encounter mysterious substitute teachers, and even star in the school play!

Sunday, August 6th at 1:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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