Thursday, October 20th at 6:00PM
17th Street Location

LAUNCH EVENT Featuring New October Graphic Novels!

Graphic novel joy starts at Books of Wonder on 17th Street! Read all about cool and quirky kid heroes in this super launch with GALE GALLIGANJAMAR NICHOLAS, and their latest work, featuring Freestyle by GALE GALLIGAN and Leon the Extraordinary by JAMAR NICHOLAS! Get Signed & Personalized copies and join us for this fun after-school evening launch with two entertaining graphic novelists, live and in-person at our bookshop.

Cory's dance crew is getting ready for a major contest in Freestyle!

It's the last one before they graduate eighth grade and go their separate ways to high schools all over New York City, so they have to make it count! The group starts to have problems as their crew captain gets increasingly intense about nailing the routine, and things go from bad to worse when Cory's parents ground him for not taking his grades seriously. He gets stuck with a new tutor, Sunna, who he dismisses as a boring nerd… until he catches her secretly practicing cool yo-yo tricks. Cory wants to learn the art of yo-yo, and as his friendship with Sunna grows, he ends up missing practice and bailing on his crew — and they are not happy about it. With mounting pressure coming from all sides, how is Cory supposed to balance the expectations of his parents, school, dance, and his new friend?

As for Leon the Extraordinary, readers will love to follow the unexpected and dashing heroics of Leon, an everyday guy from around the block who has to face a supervillain all on his own!

In the city where Leon lives, superheroes — and supervillains — are commonplace. So how does an ordinary kid like Leon, who has no superpowers himself, become the superhero he wants to be? When all his classmates suddenly become obsessed with a new phone app that turns them into zombies, Leon gets his chance to prove that using his brain and following his heart can save the day.

Join us to meet this unstoppable pair of Graphic Novel Authors! Surprise your favorite reader with the chance to meet two incredible authors and artists Live & In-Person at Books of Wonder on 17th Street. Save the date to meet GALE GALLIGAN and JAMAR NICHOLAS! 

Thursday, October 20th, at 6:00PM
Live & In-Person at Books of Wonder on 17th Street

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