Fun New Books for Early Readers

Fun New Books for Early Readers

September 30th at 4PM EST

Tune In for a Fun Time!

From a bumbling young wizard to mystery-solving pigeons, these early reader chapter books are sure to provide lots of giggles for you and your young readers! 

Tune in to check out:

  • The Case of the Missing Tarts by CHRISTEE CURRAN-BAUERThe Pigeon Private Detectives are looking forward to devouring a delectable platter of jam tarts—until the tasty treats are stolen from right under their beaks! With tummies grumbling, the PPD are on the hunt for clues, but can the detectives recover the tarts in time before they are all eaten—or worse—stale? As the list of suspects grows longer, our heroes wonder if they’ll ever catch the thief jam-handed!

  • The Story of Gumluck the Wizard: Book One by ADAM REXThis is a story about magic, if you like that kind of thing. It is also a story about a ghost with amnesia, an unpopular fairy, an ungrateful little town, and an extremely wise and helpful raven (who happens to be a pretty talented storyteller). But mostly, it is about a friendly little wizard who lives inside a big hill and really, really, really wants to be a hero. His name is Gumluck, and he is a bumbling noodlehead.

Saturday, September 30th at 4PM EST via Crowdcast!

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