Fun Middle Grade Reads!

Fun Middle Grade Reads!

July 6th at 4PM ET

Middle Grade Reads You Won't Want to Miss!

From an accidentally heroic pup to a girl that finds not only herself but her sparkle, these titles are sure to make you smile!

Tune in for:

  • They Call Me No Sam! by DREW DAYWALTWhen a pair of scientists adopt Sam to keep their son, Justin, company in the midst of a top-secret research project, they never imagine the precocious pup will cause more harm than good. But when a pair of crooks attempt to steal their confidential findings, Sam’s actions — never mind his reasoning for them — just may save the day!

  • Any Way You Look by MALEEHA SIDDIQUI. Ainy is excited for all the fun plans she has this summer, and thinks she might even start wearing the hijab like her older sister! Everything changes, however, when a boy from the community starts giving her unwanted  and uncomfortable — attention. Ainy starts to think that maybe she should wear the hijab just to become invisible... but what if she loses her sparkle along the way?

Saturday, July 6th at 4PM ET via Crowdcast!

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