February Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

February Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

February 10th at 4PM ET

Tales of Mystery and Magic!

 These new middle grade titles will have you on the edge of your seat! Will the characters be able to figure out how to solve their mysteries before it's too late?

Follow the intrigue of: 

  • The World Famous Nine by BEN GUTERSONThe Nine, the spectacular nineteen-story skyscraper owed by Zander's grandmother, is a vacationer's paradise, but there’s something evil looming in the shadows. When strange accidents start befalling the guests, Zander and his friend Natasha come across a series of inscriptions hidden throughout the walls, clues that will lead them to a magical object which protects the store’s existence. Will they be able to find the mystery object before the Nine comes crashing down?
  • Not Quite a Ghost by ANNE URSU. Violet has been having a hard time since her mom remarried, had another baby, and moved the family to their strange new house. It doesn't help that Violet’s group of friends seems to be disbanding, too. But when Violet moves into her shadowy, creaky new room, things get even worse. She falls ill — and does not get better. As days turn into weeks, Violet starts to suspect that she might not be alone in the room at all.

  • The Thirteenth Circle by KATHRYN HOLMES & MARCYKATE CONNOLLY. Cat knows aliens are real, and is determined to prove it in her school's science fair, which she hopes to win, while also winning her distant NASA scientist father's affection. Then she's partnered with Dani, who doesn't believe in aliens and is secretly determined to disprove Cat's theories. But when their project is threatened by mysterious forces, seems that they'll have to work together after all...

Saturday, February 10th at 4PM ET via Crowdcast!

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