Fascinating Non-Fiction Picture Books

Fascinating Non-Fiction Picture Books

September 16th at 1PM EST

 Meet Your Favorite Creatures!

These wonderful non-fiction books are sure to enchant and intrigue you! Discover how butterflies make their iconic journey, learn about seals and their place in the food chain, check out the cool origins of our furry friends, get to know turtles and the secrets that hide in their shells, and then learn all about shells!

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  • Seals Are Jerks! by JARED CHAPMANSeals are Lorelei’s favorite animal: they're so cute and cuddly and best buddies with penguins. Well... that’s what she thought before learning the ugly truth  some seals EAT penguins! She doesn’t want to believe it at first, but she drags Penguin, the classroom guest, and seal whistleblower, to Antarctica to prove Penguin wrong and confront Seal face-to-face. And Seal finally reveals the truth.

  • Dogs: A History of Our Best Friends by LITA JUDGEOf all the animals on the planet, dogs have the widest range of roles in our daily lives. They’re protectors, helpers, lifesavers — but most of all, they’re family. While we know dogs to be lovable and full of personality, they have also historically improved our lives in many practical ways, like guarding livestock to help humans form the first settlements. Covering over 50,000 years of history, from cave-dwelling to the present day, Dogs chronicles fascinating scientific details and the history of how dogs learned to live cooperatively alongside humans.

  • Home Is Calling illustrated by ELLIE PETERSONAs the sun dawns in Canada, a flutter of monarch butterflies take flight, ready to begin their months-long journey to their ancestral home in Mexico. The migration will not be easy, but it is necessary for the next generation of monarchs to be born. This vivid story invites young readers to experience the monarch’s migration from the butterflies’ point of view as they search for food, huddle together through storms, and tirelessly fly south.

  • The Book of Turtles by SY MONTGOMERY, illustrated by MATT PATTERSONEveryone loves turtles. And no wonder: long-lived, unhurried, and ancient, these shelled reptiles are fascinating. Turtles are also endlessly surprising. There are turtles with soft shells, turtles with googly eyes, turtles with necks longer than their bodies, and turtles whose shells glow in the dark!

  • A Shell is Cozy by DIANNA HUTTS ASTONThe newest entry in the bestselling Nature Books series by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long, A Shell Is Cozy takes a gorgeous look at the fascinating world of shells. From land snails to sea scallops, giant clams to tiny dwarf shells, an incredible array of shells are showcased in all their splendor.

Saturday, September 16th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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