Fascinating Non-Fiction Picture Books

Fascinating Non-Fiction Picture Books

July 30th at 1PM EST

Dive Into These Intriguing Titles Full of True Fun Facts!

From the unique history of the color blue, to the striking depths of outer space, to the brave animals that have served alongside their humans, to the light that brightens our lives, these books will astound you! 

Tune in for: 

  • My Indigo World by ROSA CHANG. A lavish tribute to the science and art of growing the indigo plant and making indigo dye. Woven throughout is a poetic tribute to the color blue and an appreciation of the indigo plant as a valued source of blue dye in cultures around the world! It also includes simple instructions for growing your own indigo plants and making homemade blue dye!

  • The Book of Blast Off! by TIMOTHY KNAPMANEmbark on a journey into space aboard rockets, space capsules, satellites, rovers, and more. Simple rhyming text and engaging illustrations introduce children to the space crafts and missions that changed the way we understand the universe. Kids will also meet some of the inspiring astronauts who carried out the missions from John Glenn and Neil Armstrong to Jessica Meir and Christina Koch. A delightful read at bedtime or any time a child wants to reach for the stars!

  • We Also Served: True Stories of Animals in the Military and Other Heroic Tales by ERIN McGILLLearn the true stories about the amazing bravery and loyalty displayed by animals and their contributions to military success. This book highlights a variety of brave dogs and other animals that have served in the military, whose contributions protected troops on the front lines of war. It’s paw-sitively inspiring!

  • Spark, Shine, Glow! What a Light Show! illustrated by JAMES YANG

    What is light, and how does it shape our world? Light is everywhere: from the shining sun to a bright light bulb to a glowing firefly. Light from a flashlight helps you see in the dark, and light from the sun makes plants grow. And did you know that light makes X-rays possible, and also keeps cars, trucks, trains, ships, and planes moving safely? It even allows us to see deep into space! Where would we be without light?

Sunday, July 30th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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