Fascinating Non-Fiction Picture Books

Fascinating Non-Fiction Picture Books

October 21st at 1PM EST

Cool Facts To Delight and Amaze!

The sun, the moon, your local town hall, and cream soda will never look the same again! Join us virtually to discover some factoids that you may not have known, and that are sure to blow your young readers' minds!

Tune in to meet:

  • There's No Cream in Cream Soda by KIM ZACHMAN. People have been inventing drinks for thousands of years. Kinda weird when you consider that humans only need two liquids to survive—water and milk—and we don’t need milk once we can eat solid foods. So, why did humans, unlike other mammals, begin concocting new beverages? This bubbly book offers some possible answers!

  • Eclipse by ANDY RASH. After hearing about the total solar eclipse happening in two months, a boy makes a plan with his father to go see it. They drive to the perfect campsite, not wanting to miss the couple of minutes when the sun will be completely hidden by the moon. When the moment happens, being together makes it even more special.

  • Tee Time on the Moon: How Astronaut Alan Shepard Played Lunar Golf by DAVID A. KELLYIn 1971, Alan Shepard and his fellow astronauts made their way to the Moon in the cramped Apollo 14 capsule. Their mission: Study the moon in more detail than ever before. But Alan Shepard had a secret hidden in his sock: two tiny golf balls. Since the moon has virtually no atmosphere and gravity that is only a fraction of the Earth’s, a golf ball should have been able to go far. But did it?

  • Trusty Town Hall: A Community Helpers Book by LINDSAY WARDTrusty Town Hall is the local government for the town of Honey Hill. Everyone here works together to make sure the town runs smoothly. Today is a busy day at Trusty Town Hall. Marco’s father is running for mayor. Sadie and her grandma are collecting materials from the recycling center to create an art installation. Chloe’s visiting her mom, the fire chief. Do you know the people who work in your town hall?

Saturday, October 21st at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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