Fantastic YA Reads

Fantastic YA Reads

February 18th at 4PM ET

Futuristic Adventures You Wouldn't Believe!

What happens when the world that you wake up to isn't the one that you remember, or the life that you knew is no more? If you like heart-pounding adventures, then you won't want to miss these new YA titles!  

Tune in for:

  • Love is the Drug by ALAYA DAWN JOHNSON. Bird has the perfect Ivy-League future until a chance meeting with a homeland security agent ends with her waking up in a hospital with no memories of the previous night! As a deadly virus sweeps the nation, Bird must uncover her missing memories... even if it might unleash the biggest government scandal in US history!
  • Blood Circus by CAMILA VICTOIRE. In the grip of climate change, humanity is on its last legs — until the Klujns arrive. But while the Klujns may hold the key to survival, their sadistic and barbaric nature make them more enemy than savior. When Ava is captured by the Klujns and forced into their killing games, she must fight to survive... but soon discovers are humans and Klujns really so different? 

  • Dead Things Are Closer Than They Appear by ROBIN WASLEY. Sid would describe herself as painfully average, which makes her town's sudden population of monsters and ghouls all the more shocking. Her town sits on a magic fault line, and when one of the Guardians is killed, all hell breaks loose.  After joining the Guardians in an effort to find her brother, Sid realizes she may be one of the last things left between the life she once knew and its destruction.

Sunday, February 18th at 4PM ET via Crowdcast!

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