Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

August 12 at 4PM EST

Super-charged Tales and Magical Mischief! 

Come along for these zany and supernaturally delightful tales, perfect for fans of puzzles, witchcraft, and wizardry! 

You won't want to miss:

  • The Jules Verne Prophecy by LARRY SCHWARZ & IVA-MARIE PALMER. While spending the summer in Paris studying the author Jules Verne,  Owen and his friends discover a dusty copy of Verne’s collected works with hidden codes written inside. This leads them on an epic treasure hunt around the city, but they quickly realize they’re not the only ones searching for the hidden riches, and that there are others who will stop at nothing to get to them first!

  • The Hunt for the Hollower by CALLIE C. MILLERWhen not-so-talented young wizardess Merlynda accidentally vanishes her beloved twin brother through a portal and straight into the clutches of the magic-stealing, mythical Hollower, she must embark on a quest to rescue him. Aided by her wannabe-knight best friend, a wandering musician, and her brand-new, fierce familiar, Merlynda sets off. But to defeat this ancient evil, she must discover and embrace her true powers — or else lose her brother for good.

  • Kelcie Murphy and the Hunt for the Heart of Danu by ERIKA LEWIS. After a summer away, Kelcie is excited to be back at the Academy for the Unbreakable Arts. But it's not long before they receive a visit from her mother — the war goddess, Nemain — with a warning that the Heart of Danu, the legendary source of all light and warmth in the Lands of Summer, is going to be stolen, and only Kelcie and her mates can stop it. But when disaster strikes, everyone, including the Queen, suspects Kelcie is to blame. As the world is plunged into darkness, Kelcie will have to decide: does she keep fighting for a place that may always see her as a traitor’s daughter, or for a future greater than the war to come?

  • The Very Unfortunate Wish of Melony Yoshimura by WAKA T. BROWN. Melony's parents have always been overprotective, saying it's because they want to keep her safe from a demonic spirit called the Amanjaku that once preyed upon kids back in Japan. So on her twelfth birthday, Melony wishes for the freedom and adventure her parents seem determined to keep her from, and as if conjured by her wish, the Amanjaku appears. It wastes no time in wooing her, but when she finally realizes that the Amanjaku’s friendship has sinister consequences, it's too late — every aspect of her life is controlled by the demon’s trickery — including herself. Will she be able to set things right before the Amanjaku turns everything in her world upside down?

Saturday, August 12 at 4PM EST via Crowdcast!

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