Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

April 30th at 4PM EST
17th Street Location

Embark on a Fantastical Adventure!

Discover a fascinating retelling of the Greek tale of Cassandra, and help a powerful shaman (who's also in the 6th grade!) save her hometown from the forces of evil! 

Join us to discover:

  • Sparrows in the Wind by GAIL CARSON LEVINECassandra, a princess of Troy and follower of Apollo, is delighted when the god himself appears to her. Apollo asks to love her, offering her in exchange the gift of future sight. She agrees, only to recoil when he kisses her. Enraged, the god transforms his gift into a curse: Cassandra’s visions will be true, but no one will ever believe her. Now, cursed with horrifying images of coming war and death that no one will heed, Cassandra risks all to avert the disaster awaiting Troy. 

  • Winnie Zeng Vanquishes a King by KATIE ZHAOAs shamans, Winnie Zeng and her archnemesis, David Zuo guard the world from evil spirits. But with Halloween around the corner, the balance between realms grows fragile — and so another shaman is assigned to help Winnie and David protect the town of Groton, Michigan. Turns out the new shaman is just the worst, plus she thinks she can do it alone. With a powerful storm brewing, this town is going to need all three of them on the same team... or there might not be a town left to defend.

Sunday, April 30th at 4PM EST at Our 17th St Location! 

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