Fantastic Middle Grade Reads!

Fantastic Middle Grade Reads!

Sunday, October 9th at 3:00PM EST

Virtual Fantastic Middle Grade Event!

Looking for high stakes? How about adventures and twists at the tip of a magic spell that could be good, evil, or an irresistible in-between? These books have you covered!

Join us for this Books of Wonder Fantastic Middle Grade event! Meet four authors who are sure to captivate you and your young reader with books that take you on wonderful journeys across four great new titles. Featuring:

  • Shad Hadid and the Alchemists of Alexandria by GEORGE JREIJE. Shad receives an invitation to the mysterious Alexandria Academy, a fabled school for alchemists. But when he arrives, no one at the school seems to know what alchemy is. As Shad digs deeper into the mystery, he discovers a sinister evil lurking in the shadows, and only he holds the key to stopping — or fulfilling — their plans. 

  • The Devouring Wolf by NATALIE C. PARKER. It's the eve of the first full moon of summer and twelve-year-old Riley Callahan is ready to turn into a wolf. Fall for a LGBTQ+ tale about kid werewolves, big bad mistakes, and terrifying creatures in this exciting middle grade debut!

  • New Dragon City by MARI MANCUSI. No one predicted the dragon apocalypse. The dragons came suddenly and decimated the world as we knew it, including New York City. Now, three years later, Noah, his hardcore survivalist father, and a ragtag group of survivors are barely scraping by in this new reality. But a chance encounter between Noah and a young dragon forces him to question everything he thought he knew. 

  • Crown of Flames (The Fire Queen #2) by SAYANTANI DasGUPTA. Pinki never expected to be the leader of the resistance — in fact, she’s gone on record spitting at the idea. But as domination and persecution of rakkosh continues, she summons her courage for a triumphant return to reluctant leadership!

Sunday, October 9th at 3:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

For all Books of Wonder events, we expect all participants to maintain a family friendly atmosphere, inclusive of respect and fairness. Anyone who violates this standard of behavior, including engaging in any form of harassment, inappropriate language, or disruptive conduct, will, at our discretion, be immediately removed.