Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

May 21st at 3:00PM EST

Magic, Mystery, and Misadventures!

Get ready for middle grade misadventures in this thrilling virtual panel showcasing new titles to spellbind your young readers! From wish-granting bracelets, to mysterious disappearances, to video games come to life, to caring for mythical creatures, these fantastic titles will keep readers on the edge of their seat and wanting more!

Be sure to join Books of Wonder to uncover the worlds of:

  • The Sister Switch (Best Wishes #2) by SARAH MLYNOWSKI and DEBBIE RIGAUD. Don't miss the second installment in an enchanting series where a wish-granting bracelet travels the country to incite magical mayhem! In The Sister Switch, witness what happens when one disgruntled middle child switches bodies with her older sister!

  • The Storyteller by BRANDON HOBSON. Ziggy is a young Cherokee boy who has overwhelming anxiety, something he attributes to his mother's mysterious disappearance from years ago. Now older, Ziggy sets out to discover the secret behind what happened. But what he finds on his journey is more than what he expects... 

  • Team Chu and the Epic Hero Quest (Team Chu #2) by JULIE  C. DAO. Join Vietnamese-American siblings Clip and Sadie Chu as they embark on their second fantastical adventure! Here, the Chu siblings enter the world of popular video game War of Gods and Men, where they must prove their mettle to claim the title of child hero!

  • Heroes of the Water Monster by BRIAN YOUNG. Now that Nathan is getting older, Edward will be the one to take over as the next guardian for Dew, the young water monster he's cared for the last two years. Dew’s powerful big sister is also coming to instruct her, and she suspects a monstrous Enemy has returned and is stealing water from all of the Navajo Nation. Will the boys and the water monsters be able to save the Fourth World from a devastating disaster?

Sunday, May 21st at 3:00PM EST via Crowdcast

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