Fantastic Fall Middle Grade Reads!

Fantastic Fall Middle Grade Reads!

November 4th at 4PM EST

Tune in for These Spooky and Spectacular Reads!

Here you'll find a town shrouded in mystery, a pair of best friends forced to fight each other for what they most want, a boy fighting to make his magical school a safe place for all, and a girl with a jar of magical wishing coins, making for four novels sure to thrill you!

Tune in for:

  • Scarewaves by TREVOR HENDERSON. The small town of Beacon Point has always been plagued by eerie local phenomena. It’s a town where disappearances are common, strange creatures have been sighted with unnerving frequency, and a ghastly secret lurks in the woods. The adults in town are oblivious to these strange occurrences, but a group of kids will come face to face with the horrors hiding within their sleepy town. Guided by the mysterious radio host Alan Graves, they must follow the clues to a terrifying secret before it eats them alive.

  • The Beast, the Queen, and the Lost Knight by ALEXANDRIA ROGERS. Caedmon and Ellie are best friends and Knights of the Round Table... in training, and they must complete three quests in order to graduate. When Ellie is exposed as a witch and her magic is locked away, she must steal the source of the knights' power and a wicked sorcerer will restore her magic. On the other hand, Caedmon's quests leads him to protect the source of the knights' power. If Caedmon wants to graduate — and save the realms from certain disaster — he'll have to betray Ellie, forcing him to choose what matters most to him: knighthood or friendship. Will they complete their challenges? Or will they lose each other?

  • Shad Hadid and the Forbidden Alchemies by GEORGE JREIJE. Back at school after an exciting first term, Shad is being called a hero, but the new lessons are harder than he expected, and his mentor is nowhere to be found. When Shad intercepts a letter that could thwart the necromancers’ evil plans once and for all, Shad and his friends embark on a perilous journey across Lebanon to track down this secretive stranger. But not everyone is as they seem. Unable to tell who they can trust, will Shad and his friends be able to find what they seek and save their school?

  • The Secret of Lillian Velvet by JACLYN MORIARTY. In this story you shall meet a very proper girl named Lillian Velvet, living a very lonely life with a nasty Grandmother.  She has jar of coins, each with the power to take her on a journey to a different time and place… and also to grant a single wish. She encounters a family of strangers (whom clever readers will recognize) who are all in mortal danger. As a web of dangerous magic closes tight around them all, you will ask who IS this Lillian Velvet? And what is her secret?

Saturday, November 4th at 4PM EST via Crowdcast!

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