Fall Picture Books to Share

Fall Picture Books to Share

October 29th at 1PM EST
17th Street Location

New Picture Books Perfect for the Fall!

 This live picture book event is full of books that are brilliant for sharing with your young readers, just the thing to get them in the spirit for the fall season!

Join us in store to meet: 

  • Firefighters to the Rescue! by R.W. ALLEYFirefighters to the rescue! The officers of Breezy Valley answer the call to protect their beloved town. Ladders, axes, and water hoses take center stage as the firefighters rescue the tabby cat twins, put out blazes, and save not only lives — but also the town ice cream parlor! 

  • All We Need Is Love and a Really Soft Pillow! by PETER H. REYNOLDS. This heartfelt celebration of love follows Poppy and Little One as they discuss all the things they need in life, like a really good pillow or a roof over their heads, but most important of all, love. Despite the challenges they face as a storm sweeps away their home, this duo never loses their optimism because in the end they know that all they truly need is love... and each other.

  • The Bronx Is My Home by ALYSSA REYNOSO-MORRISThere's only one place where you can see bodegas and businesses bustling on every street, taste the most delicious empanadas in the world, smell the salty sea air of Pelham Bay, and pet horses at the Bronx Equestrian Center. From sunrise to sunset, Santiago and Mami have many treasures to enjoy in their neighborhood on a beautiful Saturday! This energetic and joyful family story offers both a journey through and a love letter to this special borough. 

  • Star Stuff illustrated by CHRIS RASCHKA. It’s up to Giovanni and Lorenzo, Sky Repair Specialists, to fill the sky with stars. One night, on the job, Lorenzo gets stuck in a swirling cloud of gas and dust — a nebula! So Giovanni calls out to the heavens for help. Friendly stars come running: Orion the Hunter, Cancer the Crab, and Taurus the Bull. Now what will it take to rescue Lorenzo, Giovanni's donkey pal?

  • Tiny Jumper: How Tiny Broadwick Created the Parachute Rip Cord illustrated by MAITHILI JOSHITiny Broadwick, a teeny, uneducated mill girl, had big dreams of soaring above the earth, out of poverty, and above expectations. She became the first woman to parachute from an airplane, and her idea for the rip cord paved the way for pilots to safely escape in-flight emergencies!

Sunday, October 29th at 1PM EST at Our 17th St Store!

*One book may be brought from home to be signed for every book purchased at the event.

For all Books of Wonder events, we expect all participants to maintain a family friendly atmosphere, inclusive of respect and fairness. Anyone who violates this standard of behavior, including engaging in any form of harassment, inappropriate language, or disruptive conduct, will, at our discretion, be immediately removed.