Double YA Historical Fiction Launch Event

Double YA Historical Fiction Launch Event

October 15th at 4PM EST
17th Street Location

Books Full of Heart and Perseverance!

Join us in-store to discover two new captivating YA books! Two young people must find their way in worlds that no longer make sense to them, and along the way learn just what they're made of.

Come check out:

  • The Blood Years by ELANA K. ARNOLD. Rieke lives in Czernowitz, and while it used to be considered a safe haven for Jewish people, it has become increasingly dangerous.  After having grown up with her sister, Astra, her grandfather, and an unstable mother as the only constants in her life, when Astra falls in love and begins to pull away, Rieke begins to doubt there’s anything in her life she can count on — and, if so, if she could even hold on to it. Then war breaks out in Europe. Overnight, every day becomes a struggle: to keep their grandfather’s business, to keep their home, to keep their lives. Soon, she must decide whether holding on to her life might mean letting go of everything that has ever mattered to her. And if that’s a choice she will even have the chance to make.

  • Charming Young Man by ELIOT SCHREFERThey say Léon will be France’s next great pianist. As a sixteen-year-old from a small country town, he knows making that happen will keep his family afloat. Even though he’s the youngest student ever accepted into the prestigious Paris Conservatory, he'd still need an outside patron to pave his way. When a young Marcel Proust takes Léon under his wing, the boys game their way through an extravagant new world, and Marcel opens unexpected doors. When a larger-than-life Count offers his patronage, Léon’s dreams are made real. But the more absorbed he is into his big dreams, the more he strays from the old country life, including Félix... a boy he might love. With each choice Léon makes, he must navigate a fine line between two worlds — or risk losing it all. 

Sunday, October 15th at 4PM EST at Our 17th St Store!

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