December Picture Book Bonanza

December Picture Book Bonanza

December 3rd at 1PM ET
17th Street Location

Join Us to Explore These Great New Picture Books!

From the mythical knights of a bright festival, to a festive cactus, to a spritely autobiography of an award-inspiring artist, these picture books are sure to delight you and your young readers!

Join us in-store to discover:

  • The Eight Knights of Hanukkah illustrated by GALIA BERNSTEINThe last night of Hanukkah is here and everyone is doing their part for the big celebration! But, alas! A dastardly dragon named Dreadful keeps foiling the party preparations. Lady Sadie must call upon the Eight Knights of Hanukkah to perform deeds of awesome kindness and stupendous bravery to catch Dreadful. But maybe – just maybe – Dreadful isn’t so dreadful after all! Maybe she just needs a chance to be a part of their celebrations!

  • The Christmassy Cactus by BETH FERRY. Tiny Cactus loves Christmas! But she doesn’t love that her little girl seems to be spending more time with the giant sparkly tree in the living room than with her. Maybe if she were decorated like the Christmas tree, her little girl would notice her again. And so Tiny Cactus makes a wish — to be special, to be noticed, to be a part of the magic of Christmas. With the support of her friend and some Christmas magic, Tiny Cactus learns that wishes can come true if you believe hard enough.

  • Tomfoolery!: Randolph Caldecott and the Rambunctious Coming of Age of Children's Books illustrated by BARBARA McCLINTOCK. As a young lad, the sketchbook of Randolph Caldecott, future famous illustrator, was full of hurly-burly: wild weather, frisky animals, and people so sprightly they can barely hold onto the pages. But in the 1850s, there were no children’s books like that. Not yet. Many books are published, but their pictures look stiff, full of pretty poses and cluttered scenery. No one has imagined how much fun an illustrated book could be because the future hero of children’s book illustration is still just a lad! Follow along to learn all about children's books: their art, their joy, and the man who changed them for good.

  • The Mexican Dreidel by LINDA ELOVITZ MARSHALL. Danielito loves Janucá, especially playing dreidel. This year, he is old enough to visit Bobe by himself. Piñatas hang from the trees, and the kids in Bobe’s neighborhood play with Mexican tops called trompos. Danielito does not have a trompo, but he has a dreidel. “What is that?” “¿Qué es eso?” the other kids ask, as they invite him to join their game. The trompos follow the dreidel as it spins through the neighborhood. And Danielito invited his new friends, nuevos amigos, to Bobe’s house to celebrate Janucá.

Sunday, December 3rd at 1PM ET at Our 17th ST Store!

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