Crystal Kite Award Winners

Crystal Kite Award Winners

July 8th at 1PM EST

Come Check Out These Wonderful Award-Winning Titles!

These picture books are sure to put a smile on your face! With poignant stories gently discussing our differences, the variety of wonderful things in this world, gentle nighttime lullabies, and the way that we came to be, these will give every young reader something amazing to think about! The Crystal Kite Awards are given by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators to recognize great books from around the world. Along with the SCBWI Golden Kite Awards, the Crystal Kite Awards are chosen by other children’s book writers and illustrators, making them the only peer-given awards in publishing for young readers!

Join us to meet: 

  • Leo + Lea by MONICA WESOLOWSKA and illustrated by KENARD PAK. A beautiful celebration of friendship, math, and art that honors different ways of seeing and being in the world. With sensitivity and nuance, this tender friendship story illuminates the beauty in our differences and celebrates our connections to one another.

  • Big and Small and In-Between illustrated by DANIEL MIYARES. This wide, wonderful world contains many things. Some things are as big as a family of bears; some are as small as a reflection in a puddle. Some things are felt rather than seen. In between it all is... you. What kinds of things will you collect?

  • One Tiny Bubble by KAREN KROSSING and illustrated by DAWN LOMeet LUCA — our Last Universal Common Ancestor, the itty-bitty organism that every unique life-form on Earth can be traced back to. Over  billions of years, the descendants of LUCA evolved into bacteria, mushrooms, sharks, fir trees, lions — and humans! All the extraordinary life on Earth began with LUCA, through a miraculous process that could also occur on other planets.

  • Dark on Light by DIANE WHITE and illustrated by FELICITA SALA. When the family dog trots away from the house at sunset, three siblings tumble out the door to go find him. Soon they find themselves immersed in the luminous colors, shades, and shadows of nature at night—both dark and light. They wander through moonlit lavender meadows, past a timid fawn, beneath a snowy white owl, and much, much more as the night deepens until, at last, they find their sneaky pup.

Saturday, July 8th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast

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