Celebrate Acorn & Branches!

Celebrate Acorn & Branches!

January 7th at 4PM ET

Join Us in Cyberspace for This Sweet Early Reader Event!

These delightful series are part of Scholastic's early chapter book lines, Branches and Acorn, which are aimed at those just beginning to read and those that are newly independent readers! With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow! This virtual event will be moderated by KATIE CARELLA, the Editorial Director of Acorn and Branches.

Tune in for:

  • The Gold Bowl by VALERIE BOLLING. It’s Coco’s birthday and Zoya wants to give her pup the perfect present. She tries out a few ideas  — including a yarn necklace and colorful frosted treats. But she finally decides to paint Coco’s bowl gold. With some paint and LOTS of glitter, Zoya creates a gift Coco is sure to love!

  • Top Secret Anniversary by MITALI BANERJEE RUTHS. Priya’s mom wants to surprise Priya's dad with an anniversary party. So Priya gets right to work, making party plans and crafting DIY decorations with help from her best friend Melissa. But Priya finds it hard to keep a secret inside her own house, especially with her dad always being curious about EVERYTHING. Can Priya keep her dad from spoiling the surprise AND make it her parents' best anniversary ever?

  • A Pie For Us! by VICKY FANG. Sniff is a dog. Scratch is a cat. And they’re best friends… most of the time! In these three hilarious short stories, Sniff and Scratch find creative ways to reach a pie on the kitchen counter, Sniff panics when Scratch gets stuck in a box, and they meet a strange new dog and cat just like them.

  • Bright Star by BRANDON TODD. Miguel and Clarke are on the look-out for their next great adventure. They go to the library to find ideas. Clarke reads about spies and Miguel reads about space. Across four short stories, Miguel and Clarke use the power of their imagination to travel to outer space, explore a new planet, make a map of the stars — and they even encounter aliens!

Sunday, January 7th at 4PM ET via Crowdcast!

For all Books of Wonder events, we expect all participants to maintain a family friendly atmosphere, inclusive of respect and fairness. Anyone who violates this standard of behavior, including engaging in any form of harassment, inappropriate language, or disruptive conduct, will, at our discretion, be immediately removed.