Black Picture Book Joy!

Black Picture Book Joy!

January 15th, 1:00pm EST

Books of Wonder is thrilled to be hosting this wonderful event with TAMI CHARLES, BAKARI SELLERS, BRYAN COLLIER and HANIF ABDURRAQIB! This entire panel celebrates picture books full of Black joy, community, strength, and love, and is a wonderful opportunity to meet and listen to four incredible authors. 

TAMI CHARLESFreedom Soup celebrates the sharing of culture and traditions from one generation to the next, as well as the history of Haiti, as a young girl and her grandmother cook Freedom Soup together - a traditional meal to celebrate New Year's and remember Haitians' fight for freedom. 

BAKARI SELLERSWho Are Your People? is an inspiring and lyrical ode to the roots that shape and support children, and a celebration of the importance of honoring heritage and all those who have come before. 

BRYAN COLLIER's We Shall Overcome connects the struggles of the past to the ongoing fights for justice today, weaving together emblematic moments from protests then and now using the empowering and beautiful lyrics of "We Shall Overcome."  

HANIF ABDURRAQIB's Sing, Aretha, Sing! is an incredible biography of the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin, whose brilliance and bravery is just as empowering and inspiring today as ever.

Saturday, January 15th at 1:00pm via Crowdcast!

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